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Sergeant Shrink Bundler 8034

  • Manufacturer: Sergeant
  • Model Number: 8034
  • Frain Number: 5F3200

Semi-automatic, inline shrink bundler. Equipped with a stainless steel loading station, 34" wide seal jaw with 15.5" of vertical travel and a 36" wide by 53" long discharge conveyor. Film specifications: up to 36" in width; up to 12" in diameter; 3" core. Rate / Speed dependant on materials, application, machine configuration and operator dexterity.

OAD: 53" L x 56" W x 77" H

Sergeant Model 2414, automatic shrink tunnel, with conveyor speeds from 0 to 111.5 feet per minute with number of product – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 24" in Width x 14" in Height apeture; 42" in Length heat chamber, with 60" long x 22" wide live roller conveyor, with 22" long 3/4" OD rollers, on 1-1/4" centers and 1/2" gaps with 30" infeed / discharge height. Controller with machine power on / off, air velocity high / low switches, heat controller and variable speed conveyor control dials and is mounted on base frame with casters.

OAD: 60" L x 36" W x 60" H "

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Sergeant Shrink Semi Auto 115

  • Manufacturer: Sergeant
  • Model Number: 115
  • Frain Number: R23312

Semi-automatic, combination, L-bar sealer, and shrink tunnel capable of speeds up to 15 cycles per minute. Has 20" L x 14" W seal Area and can handle packages up to 7" High. 15" W x 8" H apature and 20" L shrink tunnel. Has adjustable seal dwell, heat tunnel, and conveyor controllers, perf wheels, and is mounted on a common epoxy coated steel frame with casters.

OAD: 84" L x 30" W x 60" H

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