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York Filter XT0096X108HAQA046A

  • Manufacturer: York
  • Model Number: XT0096X108HAQA046A
  • Frain Number: 5F0981

York Model XT0096X108-HAQA046A air handling filration and ventilation system which replaces air in a given space, the purpose to remove air that is substandard to comfort or process being run and replace it with suitable air with cooling coils to also remove humidity and system will operate at various specified rates, volumes and conditions – depending on application. Filtration and ventilation system may employ an air handler with supply fan working in conjunction with other remote exhaust fan(s) for more effective method would employ both a supply fan and an exhaust fan in the air handler. Equipped with 026-32406-001 filter perf plant with (4) 12" wide x 24" high – 2D and 026-32406-003 (12) 24" wide x 24" high – 2D filters. Comefri ATZAF 32 x 32 x T2, 64" diameter fan, hot water cell to 200 Deg F, coil steam make up to 50 psi and evaporator coil design to 325 psi, with on / off controls.

OAD: 128" L x 108" W x 104" H Filtration System
108" L x 65" W x 102" H Ventillation System

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