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Frain has new and like-new Dryers in stock, thoroughly tested and ready to ship in as little as 48 hours. Give us a call today to get the right Dryers for your project.

Types of Dryers we currently have in stock:
  • Fluid Bed
  • Freeze Dryers

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Learn more about Dryers

Dryers are used to reduce the moisture levels in materials such as powders, foods, and chemicals. Depending on the amount and make up of the material needing to be dried, dryers come in many different models constructed specifically for the type and quantity of material to be processed. Various factors are considered in determining the correct type of dryers for any given application. This includes the material to be dried, the drying process requirements, and the production requirements and of course the available facility space.

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industrial dryers
industrial dryers
industrial dryers

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