Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Keep your customers’ Production Lines Moving with Gap Solutions from Frain

What’s the worst sound on a production line?


Silence means machinery’s down, and your customer’s aren’t selling their products. That means the PO you were just about to receive is stalled until they find a solution. Maybe a new machine is on the way. Or maybe they ordered the replacement parts…. but let’s get real.

That order’s not coming in for at LEAST 6 months.

There’s a better solution.

A flexible machine rental that your customer can plug right in for peak performance. Frain’s partnership program for suppliers and distributers helps seize new opportunities with speed to market equipment.

Keep the production line moving.

Our gap solutions keep the production line moving to avoid equipment interruptions and insure you continue to sell your consumables. Frain is the sales tool you need to turn setbacks into opportunities. Your delivery is our delivery.

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