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How to get the Packaging and Processing Machine You Need FAST!

This is the story of two Frain customers: Joe and Bob. Both called Frain with descriptions of what they thought they needed. Bob wanted to get a quote quickly so he could get back to his team. Our engineers did their best to interpret what he needed even though his information was incomplete.

Joe took our suggestion and sent us a sample of his product so that we could select the best equipment for his project. He also set up a conference calls with all the members of his team so that we could better understand their priorities.

Bob got a quote based on the information he supplied and the price that fit that design. Joe’s team spent a little more time and found that Frain has numerous ways of accommodating your project, budget, and risk tolerance.

You can rent for a variable monthly payment, return the machinery any time to have all payments stop, or we can spread purchase payments out to meet your cashflow needs. In the end, we all came out with a plan and cost that made everyone very happy. Sometimes when we go a little slower we get to the best result faster.

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