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How Many Man Hours can You Allocate to Fixing Used Equipment?

If the machine you are looking for needs to be in production quickly and for the least amount of expense I would like for you to consider the following:

Machines sold on the internet are sold as is. All of the work to get the machine running properly and customized to your product specifications will be on you.

Machines sold by used equipment dealers are also sold as is. They may have 25 to 50 man hours in cosmetics invested still leaving you to get the machine(s) running properly and customized for your product.

Machines sold by the original manufactures are built to your specifications but come with long lead times and large investments.

Machines sold by Frain have all had an average of 258 man hours inspecting and testing the machine so they are ready to go into production with just the customization required for your product.

That means that you are in production sooner and at less cost than any other option.

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