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Meet Historical Demand by Geting New Machinery in TWO WEEKS with NO MONEY DOWN

During the hardest times of Covid-19 CPGs were feeling the pressure of historical demand for a wide variety of consumer and medical products. Manufacturers struggled to keep up.

Production lines were and still are being run two to three times longer and faster than they were originally built to operate. As a result, individual machines in production lines were breaking down or were just not fast enough to keep up with the increased production demands.

Frain stood ready and continues to stand ready with its huge inventory of new and like new machines, our large inventory of change parts, and expert staff of technicians to fill any packaging or processing needs you may have on a short-term basis.

During the most difficult period caused by the Virus, Frain shipped over 90 machines within two weeks of receiving an order. All these machines were simply borrowed for whatever period of time they were needed.

Give us a call. Frain is ready to help you with any of your short-term packaging and processing needs.

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