Double Seamed Cans

Steel cans are the 2nd oldest type of packaging after glass and clay bottles. They are still popular today, especially for food but for many other products as well. They have a number of desirable characteristics including:
· Tamper resistant
· Rugged
· Easy to open
· Inexpensive
· Familiar to consumers and packagers
· Easy to run at high speeds (Up to 3,000 can per minute)

Originally cans were single seamed. The can lid or “end” was cupped, placed over the
straight sided can body and soldered in place. Single seam cans are now rare. Virtually
all cans are double seamed. The double seamed can seals by mechanical force with no
need for potentially contaminating solder. Double seaming eliminates the time and
complexity of soldering or welding body and end. Double seaming allows the use of
dissimilar materials such as a plastic body with an aluminum end.