Hot Melt Glue

Glue, more properly called adhesive is used in many packaging applications. It seals
cartons and cases, affixes labels and coupons, combines products and more. Four
types of glue are commonly used in packaging:

· Hot melt glue is supplied in pellets or pillow and is melted by heating. It’s
adhesive properties come from cooling and re-solidifying after application
· Cold glue is supplied as a liquid. It adheres as it dries.
· Pressure sensitive glue is most commonly used on labels and is applied to the
label at the converter. It is naturally adhesive and is protected by a paper or
plastic backing until application.
· Heat sensitive adhesives are less common these days, largely displaced by
pressure sensitive labels. Heat sensitive labels are supplied with a heat activated
adhesive. Immediately prior to application, they are heated. On cooling, the glue
adheres the label to the product.