Aligning Space and Time

According to Wikipedia, space-time is the concepts of time and three-dimensional space regarded as fused in a four-dimensional continuum.

Like many other industries, the CPG Industry holds both space and time at a premium.

None of our customers have either space or time to waste.

Searching for capacity and speed-to-market shortcuts or wormholes through space and time in our industry can often be the difference between success and failure.

Whether you’re creating space in market or filling space in your plant, there’s usually an exact footprint of physical space and budgetary footprint that’s allowed for new or replacement machinery.

When asked, “When do you need the machinery?” – A customer jokingly said, “Yesterday was too late.”

Likewise, each one of our customers approaches us with unique requirements for machinery to fit their space.

So, how do you wrap a company around these two elements while offering a competitively priced solution?

In the case of Frain, we’ve expanded our universe of inventory to approximately 9,000 machines.

If you can’t find the machinery you’re looking for on our website, there’s a chance we can double check our systems and find what you need or a variety of options.

With space constraints, having a diverse list to choose from is a necessity, not a luxury.

To save budgetary footprint or cash flow, Frain offers rental terms on much of our equipment fleet.

Also, owning and storing the equipment in three main buildings across the Chicago area – and having the engineering and technical manpower to recalibrate and reconfigure each machine to meet your needs means you’ll be able to get to it quickly.

Finally, offering rental and leasing terms allows the minimal financial impact to our customers who are unsure just how far each project or contract will last.

It’s far from theory.  We’re not bending the fabric of the universe to give you a speed to market and custom fit advantage.  We’ve simply molded ourselves consistently with our customers increasing demands to deliver more, faster, for less.

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