Explaining our Rental Equipment Technology Model

In an episode of Packaging World’s Technology Minute, Matt Reynolds welcomes our own, Katie Frain, to talk about automating production lines to address labor shortages. Katie says that automated equipment is a practical solution to the labor shortage challenge.

“When a company is short on skilled workers or faces peak demand periods,” Frain said, “renting equipment allows them to bridge the gap without requiring additional human resources. So instead of hiring and training new employees, businesses can rent the necessary equipment and get the job done efficiently.”

Frain’s rental equipment can be rented on a month-to-month basis to maintain project schedules and give companies unprecedented flexibility while keeping costs low. Companies no longer have to incur substantial up-front cost to buy new machinery – they can now conserve capital by renting equipment for only the time they need it. And best of all, Frain can get equipment customized to companies’ product lines and get them on their floor in as little as 48 hours (instead of 6-12 months!).

Let’s break it down a little bit more:

First, Frain’s rental equipment technology eliminates the substantial upfront costs associated with purchasing machinery. Consumer product groups can allocate their financial resources more efficiently by opting for rental agreements, allowing them to invest in other crucial aspects of their business.

Moreover, renting equipment provides enhanced flexibility. Consumer product groups often face changing market demands and evolving technologies. Renting allows them to quickly adapt and upgrade their equipment according to specific project requirements without the burden of long-term ownership commitments.

Additionally, equipment rentals alleviate maintenance concerns. Rental providers, like the one mentioned on the page, assume responsibility for equipment upkeep, repairs, and replacements. This saves consumer product groups both time and money, enabling them to focus on core operations and maximize productivity.

Overall, Frain’s rental equipment technology emerges as an excellent choice for consumer product groups, delivering cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and reduced maintenance burdens. By leveraging the benefits outlined in the provided page, consumer product groups can optimize their operations and achieve their business goals more efficiently.

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