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Frain has new and like-new Cutting Equipment in stock, thoroughly tested and ready to ship in as little as 48 hours. Give us a call today to get the right Cutting Equipment for your project.

Types of Cutting Equipment we currently have in stock:
  • Cutters
  • slicers
  • dicers
  • shredders
  • peeler
  • chopper

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Learn more about Cutting Equipment

Food comes in many forms but it usually took a machine to get it there. Cutting equipment is commonly used. These are the machines that cut a potato into uniform strips for french fries, carrots into perfect slices, and shred cheese into pizza topping to name just a few examples.

Cutting equipment can take many forms. Some push the product through a series of stationary cutting blades. Others move the product through moving blades. In some machines, multiple sets of blades, sometimes combining moving and stationary will be required to get the perfect shape for the end user.

Blade shape determines the final product. A straight blade will produce a smooth cut. When a crinkle cut is desired for more cooking surface area, a shaped blade will provide it.

As with all food processing equipment, cleanliness is a top priority. All contact surfaces must be stainless steel or other sanitary material. Cutting equipment must be easily disassembled for frequent cleaning.

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