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Totes, sometimes called gaylords, are large containers, typically about pallet size (about 3’ X 3’ to 4’ X 4’ and 2-5 feet high. They may be made of stainless or painted steel, plastic, wood or corrugated board. They are used to store and transport products as diverse as plastic resin, meat and watermelons.

Unlike hoppers, they generally do not have a way to remove contents from the bottom. Even when they do have a bottom port, it is often quicker to dump them by inverting than to drain them. Some tote designs have one side rounded on the bottom which allows them to be tilted and dumped by hand but only if dumping below floor level. Most totes will need to be lifted and then turned at least 100 degrees to dump the product.

This is where tote-dumps come in. They are designed to lift the tote so that the leading edge is above the level of the receiving hopper. They also rotate the tote in a controlled manner so that product can be dumped into the hopper either slowly or all at once.

This picture shows the dumper in the loading position with a corrugated position in position. Hydraulic cylinders with a self contained pump swing it up its axis until the balls roll out of the Gaylord. Hydraulics are used because they are reliable.

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