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Learn more about Plow Mixers

Industrial Mixers blend or dissolves one or more products into another. Mixing can be of multiple dry products, multiple liquids or liquids and solids. Some mixing will be very aggressive, such as oil and water. Other industrial mixers will mix extremely gently, such as whole cherries into a heavy pie filling syrup.

It is often necessary to heat or cool a product during mixing. Heating to cook a product, cooling to prevent heating of the product from the mixing action or as part of the processing. Mixing vessels can be jacketed to allow heating or cooling fluids. Some industrial mixers may have electric heating elements or refrigeration built in.

Viscous products may have a tendency to stick to the sides of the mixing vessel. Scrapers can be added to the mixing element or powered separately to prevent this.

Proper mixing is more than just combining multiple products. They must be combined uniformly throughout. Proper industrial mixers selection will help. Improper selection may aggravate product segregation.

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