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Learn more about Homogenizers

Some products just won’t mix. Oil and vinegar is one example. Milkfat will not mix with milk, separating out as cream. Homogenization is the process of mixing dissimilar liquids or liquids and solids using homogenizers. It is usually a process of breaking down the particle, or even molecular, size of the products so that they can be mixed without separating later.

Various types of homogenizers are in common use:
High pressure homogenizers are often used for milk. Pistons pump the milk with fat globules through a series of small holes at high pressure. As the fat globules pass through the holes, they are broken apart.

Another type, called a high shear mixer is a homogenizer that incorporates an impeller with sharpened blades in a perforated housing. The combined products are fed into the center of the impeller. As the product is trapped between impeller and housing, the impeller chops it up and forces it out the perforations.

Ultrasonic homogenizers use sound energy to break apart the larger particles or molecules.

Other types of homogenizers are also used. The type used will depend on the materials to be combined and should be carefully selected.

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