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The Proven Frain Process

Step #1

you Call a Frain Engineer or Fill out the Project Start Form and we discuss your project

Our experienced engineers are the best resource to help you troubleshoot solutions for your products and your existing production lines and the fastest way of getting your line up and running.

Step #2

you send us a sample of your product

This is one of the most important steps in our process. Having your actual product in hand allows our engineers to perfectly tailor solutions, machinery, and integrations to fit your product’s unique characteristics and packaging.

Step #3

We send you a proposal

We understand that cost is a huge part of your decision-making process when it comes to your production line. The more we know about your product and overall project, the more accurate and precise our quote can be. Our flexible financing takes the risk out of trying new products and spinning up new packaging and processing lines in a short amount of time.

Step #4

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

At Frain, every project, machine or complete line of equipment is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our building. Part of that is the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), where we invite your team to witness a complete run of your machine’s output with real product, in real time at our facilities.

Step #5

Equipment is on your floor in as little as 48 hours

Due to our vast inventory of Plug and Play equipment, we’re able to spin up new machinery faster than any other equipment provider in the industry. Frain’s speed to market capabilities can help you get your products to market faster than your competition.

The Frain Process in Action

Check out the Frain process in action as we show you the importance of each step in our proven system. We do all of this for a reason: to get you machinery as fast a possible so you can reduce downtime and get your products to market before your competition.


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