Don’t Get Boxed In

Getting yourself in and out of “bad spots” can be business as usual.

Hindsight is 20-20. Everyone would have of course done it better looking back, but that’s not a luxury you always have.

You have big accounts and demand to satisfy and now the project has run amok.

Machinery is late or has failed to deliver the way you thought it would and now you need superior options…quickly.

That’s where Frain steps in. We get experienced engineers on the phone with you quickly and discover your needs and what can be done today.

We give you options that can be deployed quickly and on flexible terms so that you’re not limited in any way.

If you need the equipment now but aren’t sure how long you’ll need it, we provide rental options for you.

We’ve discovered that our clients are in constant flux, but need the next machine or packaging line yesterday.

We, therefore, store approximately 9,000 machines from which you may choose.

We’re buying, selling, and taking back machinery from other rentals on a daily basis.

As they say, the only constant is change and we’re built exactly around it.

Change the way you do things by calling Frain today to discuss your next project.

We’ll provide you with options that let you think outside of the box and get the job done.

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