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Depalletizers are machines designed to remove product or containers from pallets. Depalletizer equipment or de-palletizers are used for removing product or containers from multiple layers of product or containers on a pallet or palletized load. Pallets are used as an efficient way of transporting a number different products, containers, and packages. De-palletizers are used to remove products, containers, and packages from that palletized load. Because various types of packaging can be transported using a pallet, de-palletizers have developed specific methods of removing packages from the pallet based on the type of package on that pallet. Bulk de-palletizers are designed to de-palletize pallets of bulk product or containers. Magnetic de-palletizers are designed to de-palletize pallets of product or containers that can be picked up and moved using a magnet. Case de-palletizers are used to de-palletize cases from a pallet of cases.

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Depalletizer Equipment In Stock

Ouellette Depalletizer Bulk 500

  • Manufacturer: Ouellette
  • Model Number: 500
  • Frain Number: 5F0932

Ouellette Model 500, automatic, low level, single lane, bulk container depalletizer rated from 30 to 210 tiers per hour with number of containers – depending on materials and application. Pallet size: 40" x 48". Equipped with automatic bulk container in feed conveyor, with pallet hoist that supports all (4) corners and bi-directional system that registers layers to the sweep arm and 4-way guides retain each layer during sweep. Multiple pincher fingers grip slip sheets during sweep cycle and stack them in magazine. Container discharge conveyor and empty pallet discharge conveyor with empty pallet stacker. Control panel has A/B PLC, with push button and switch controls. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 276" L x 178" W x 152" H

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Depalletizer STACKER

  • Model Number: STACKER
  • Frain Number: 5F4788

Pallet stacker equipped with a 41½" x 49½" x 81" pallet stacking section, (3) chain infeed conveyor with (2) 109"L [sides] and (1) 63" long [middle] chains powered by a ¾ hp drive with a 10" – 12" infeed height. Pallet stacking section equipped with a 40½" x 37" scissor lift plate and (4) weighted pallet grippers to hold stack. Includes control box with push button conveyor jog and e-stop, hand / auto switch and scissor lift up / down switch.

OAD: 115"L x 65"W x 102"H

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Container Handling Systems Cor Depalletizer Bulk DEPAL

CHSH, Semi-automatic, single high, bulk depalletizer rated from 4 to 5 sweeps per minute – depending on materials and application. Pallet size: up to 44" x 56". Equipped with a 180" long full pallet infeed conveyor, pallet hoist section with four corner squaring, 120" long empty pallet discharge conveyor, slip sheet accumulation section, operator platform, 120" long x 48" wide flexlink product discharge conveyor with 90° transfer to a 264" long single file Delrin belt discharge conveyor, A/B PLC, and push button controls.


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