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Dust collectors are designed to collect dust in the air that is generated through a processing function or that occurs naturally. Dust collectors use a air blower to create a flow of air through the machine. The airflow is directed through a filter of some type that collects dust and other particles that are in the air. Filters for dust collectors can be of many different types but bag filters and cartridge filters are the most prevalent. Bag filters are made of a cloth type material and tend to be a semi-permanent installation in a dust collector. The filter bags in a dust collector will be replaced periodically, but the productive life of a bag filter is much long than the productive life of a cartridge filter. Cartridge filters are more or less disposable. After their productive life, cartridge filters are disposed and a new filter is installed in its place. (Residential HVAC systems normally use cartridge filters.) The size of particle that the filter in a dust collector collects is dependant on the size gaps between the fibers used to make the filter. This category is for a wide variety and type of dust collection equipment that is used in a variety of application to control and collect dust that is generated during handling and processing of dry dusty materials.

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