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Abec Tank Fermentor 132 GAL

  • Manufacturer: Abec
  • Model Number: 132 GAL
  • Frain Number: 5D8051

Abec, 500 liter, 316 stainless steel, bioreactor / fermentor. Has 36" diameter x 36" side wall vessel rated to 40psig @ 280F, dimpled jacket rated at 50psig @ 350F, and S/S control panel with Valley Instrument controls. Vessel has .135" shell / head thickness, 32" head disc radius, shell made of 15 guage 304 S/S, 2 1/4" top sight glass, 2 1/4" side sight glass, side baffles, center bottom propeller agitation powered by Flender 8.31hp drive, urethane insulation, and tank mounted on four load cells with push buttonTranscell weight controller with LED display. Control panel has Seco DC drive controller; E-stop; control modules for air, O2 flow, pO2, speed, pH, and temperature; push button LED display; data recorder; pressure guages for backpressure, steam, air, O2, and cooling; and controls for cooling water, air, sparge, sparge condensate, temperature control steam, jacket steam, vessel backpressure, back pressure condensate, and jacket condensate. Mounted on stainless steel frame with height adjustable legs.

OAD: Vessel: 36"L x 36"W x 71"H
Control Panel: 72"L x 34"W x 86"H

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Abec Tank Reactor SS 3000L

  • Manufacturer: Abec
  • Model Number: 3000L
  • Frain Number: 5H9211

Stainless Technology, 3000 Liter capacity, 316L stainless steel jacketed processing tank. Vessel dimensions: 60" diameter x 60" straight wall. Equipped 18" ID bolt down acces port, 1½ HP bottom mounted prop agitation. Dish bottom has 2½" OD / 2" ID bottom discharge with 23" ground clearance.

Jacket Ports:
(2) 6"OD / 2½"ID Flange

MAWP: 45 PSI / FV @ 266°F
MDMT: -20°F @ 45 PSI / FV

MAWP: 150 PSI / FV @ 266°F
MDMT: -20°F @ 150 PSI / FV

Nat’l Brd: 379

OAD: 70"L x 65"W x 120"H

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Abec Cleaner CIP/COP 40 GALLON

  • Manufacturer: Abec
  • Model Number: 40 GALLON
  • Frain Number: 5H7400

Abec, 304 stainless steel Clean-in-place tank. Equipped with one tank measuring 21" L x 25" W x 16" H (35 gallons), level detector and 1½ hp centrifugal pump. Unit mounted on stainless steel platform with AB touch screen HMI

OAD: 77"L x 30"W x 74"H (tank cart)
50"L x 32"W x 93"H (HMI)

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