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Cloud Packaging Equipment Form & Fill Pre-made Pouch IMP 1500

Cloud / Roberts Model IMP 1500, automatic, intermittent motion, stainless steel, 10 station rotary, pre-made pouch filler and sealer rated from 10 to 50 pouches per minute – depending on materials and application. Pouch size range: 4" to 12" in Width; 6" x 15" in Height, Gusset: 0" to 5" and is capable of handling various pouch styles with proper change parts. Fill range: per product and application. Equipped with 108" long x 1" wide (3) Eagle belt automatic pre-made pouch magazine, destacking belt, (2) suction cup recipecating pic-n-place, single transport chain with (10) pouch clip stations set on 15" centers and has pouch placement, top opener with air blast, pouch detecting and rotary filling stations with (1) 12" long x 12" wide x 20" deep stainless steel product feed funnel and (4) 14" long x 9-3/4" wide x 12" high stainless steel pouch filling funnels, with no pouch / no fill, product settler, gas flush and 146" long x 6" wide flexlink belt conveyor has top heat seal and cooling stations with dual reject chutes. Control panel has A/B controller and A/B touch screen interface controls with readout, start, stop, reset and e-stop push buttons with statis light bar. Mounted on stainless steel frame with interlock safety guarding, casters and leveling legs.

OAD: 230" L x 90" W x 71" H

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Cloud Packaging Equipment Form & Fill Volumetric SC24

Cloud, Model SC24, Horizontal, stainless steel, continuous motion, form / fill / seal machine. Rated from 100 to 800 pouches per minute – depending on materials and application. Set on 2-(7/8)" fixed centers film rollers. Pouches are made from roll stock called a web which is pulled from the rollers thru a forming plow that folds web lengthwise to form a pouch web strip which is then wrapped 180 Deg around a heated rotary drum sealer currently set on 2-(7/8)" centers to vertically heat seal web strip, vacuum transfer wheel takes web strip to the 24-station rotary powder or granular filler, the filled web strip is then pulled thru 9" long top heat sealing bar, to rotary knife wheel that cuts the web strip into individual pouches and a 8" wide x 50" long discharge conveyor.

OAD: 140"L x 49"W x 61"H

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