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Convenience Food Systems Cutter, Slicer Chopper/Processor VSM325

Kramer Grebe / Convenience Foods Systems vacuum, bowl chopper mixer for cutting, mixing, and emulsifying product up to 325 liters per batch, depending on application. All 304 stainless steel construction, has a 70" diameter x 40" high (to top of cover) mixing chamber, 9-1/2" top port, with hydraulic lift for cover. Spiral cutting head is capable of using from 2 to 12 blades, currently set-up with 8 blades which can be positioned at angles of both 30 and 60 deg of each other, and has hydraulic loading station for standard product carts. (carts not included). Two speed mixing bowl, and spiral knife motor drives, 28" Diameter hydraulic product un-loader with knife speed and portion controls.

OAD: 130" L x 90" W x 76" H

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