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Eisai Pharmaceutical Tab/Cap Ins. RMS-200-5

  • Manufacturer: Eisai
  • Model Number: RMS-200-5
  • Frain Number: R28903

Eisai, Model RMS-200-5, dimensional tablet sorter. Rated up to 120 kg / hr – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with a 18" wide x 8" long x 14" deep product hopper with stepper driven lift for easy loading, (5) channel vibratory feeder, adjustable width and angle channel rollers and (3) discharge zones. Control panel with AB controller and touch pad display. Mounted on a stainless steel base frame with casters.

OAD: 57"L x 42"W x 85"H

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Eisai Pharmaceutical Vial/Ampul Ins. AIM1088M

  • Manufacturer: Eisai
  • Model Number: AIM1088M
  • Frain Number: 5D3801

Eisai 48 head, dual inspection/pre-spin machine capable of up to 250 vials per minute. Unit inspects solution for particles & fill level height. Vial range from 5ml to 50ml Min/max vial base of 13mm to 35mm in diameter x 110mm in height with a fill level max of 64mm, 64 bit Static Division sensor/camera vial identification scanner (to keep track of rejects) pre-spin station (consisting of in feed screw conveyor, conveyor guide, in feed star wheel, in feed guide, main guide). 24" S/S reject and accept turntable. Last used inspecting unstable vials for particle inspection and fill level inspection. Requires proper change parts to accommodate size range.

OAD: 218" (L) x 52" (W) x 80" (H)

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