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Fristam Pumps Mixer Liquid Triblender 20-53

  • Manufacturer: Fristam Pumps
  • Model Number: 20-53
  • Frain Number: R32310

Fristam Model 20-53, 316 stainless steel, in-line, integrated mixing system, incorporates Model FZX-2200 liquid ring pump with Model FS-3532 high shear mixer / emulsifier. Rated from 55 to 120 liquid gallons and 23 to 225 pounds of dry product per minute – depending on materials and application Equipped with 23-1/2" OD x 24" long stainless steel conical dry product hopper with safety grid and lift off cover. Fristam Model FZX-2200 liquid ring pump has 10" OD / 8" ID front plate with 8" OD impeller and front 2-1/2" OD liquid product in feed port with 15 Hp motor drive. Model FS-3532 high shear mixer has 7" OD rotor / stator mixing head with 25 Hp motor drive, both and sanitary 2-1/2" OD sanitary ports. Control panel has FZX / FS pump and blender start, stop, e-stop push buttons, main machine / vibrator on / off switches. Mounted on (4) leg stainless steel frame.
Operation: Fristam’s powder mixer system provides a quick blending of wet and dry ingredients into single fluid stream with operating temperatures and cps ratings per application.

OAD: 78" L x 31" W x 46" H

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