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Hubert Kettle Single Motion 100 HIK

  • Manufacturer: Hubert
  • Model Number: 100 HIK
  • Frain Number: 5G8003

Hubert, 100 gallon capacity, 304 stainless steel jacketed kettle. Vessel dimensions: 35" diameter x 30" deep with a 13" straight wall. Equipped with flip up covers, lift out grate, temperature guage, Variable speed 1.74 Hp side mounted hydrofoil agitator with 2½" OD / 2" ID Tri-clamp style bottom discharge and 28" ground clearance. Mounted on a stainless steel platform with Mettler Toledo load cells and a Waukesha, model 2065, variable speed centrifugal pump powered by a 5 hp drive.

Top Ports:
(1) 1½" NPT
(1) ¾" NPT
(1) 2½"OD / 2"ID Tri-clamp

Jacket Ports:
(3) 1" NPT
(1) ¾" NPT

MAWP: 100 PSI @ 337°F
Nat’l Brd: 6087

OAD: 58"L x 46"W x 95"H

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Hubert Kettle Double Motion 500SPEC-TK-

  • Manufacturer: Hubert
  • Model Number: 500SPEC-TK-
  • Frain Number: 5G4500

B. H. Hubert, SPEC-TK-500, 500 Gallon 304 stainless steel tilt kettle with full jacket. Jacket MAWP: 40PSI @ 287°F with one 1" threaded port. Dimensions: 64" diameter; 20" straight wall. Equipped with pour spout, scrape agitator, counter rotating dual motion, hydro lift out, hydraulic tilt mechanism and 3"ID / 3½"OD tri-clamp fitting side bottom discharge with 39" ground clearance. Mounted on A-frame base.

Nat’l Brd: 4711
OAD: 161"L x 70"W x 135"H

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