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Kodiak / YWD Cartoners Cartoner Auto Horiz. Glue (Auto) 910-120

Kodiak, Model 910-120, automatic, continous motion, horizontal, hot melt glue cartoner. Rated from 10 to 120 cartons per minute – depending on materials and application. Carton size range: Per application. Equipped with 4 chains adjustable set on 9" centers with 2-1/2" wide x 3" high lugs and right angled 48" long product compression belt to 4 belt servo timed in feed conveyor to 3 belt feed conveyor with overhead product sweep assembly into 7" long x 2" wide x 9-1/2" deep fixed product buckets. 72" long 3 chain automatic carton magazine with 3 head rotary pick and place, no product / no carton, top squaring device, rotary barrel cam loader, Nordson Problue hot melt glue system, minor and major flap closers, with 36" long compression and discharge belt section, Seko gauges and status light bar. Control panel has A/B controller with PLS touch pad and A/B Panel view controls. Mounted on heavy duty base frame with interlock safety guarding.

OAD: 378" L x 258" W x 96" H Assembled

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