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Ladish Cleaner CIP/COP 48-2412

  • Manufacturer: Ladish
  • Model Number: 48-2412
  • Frain Number: 5H7241

Ladish, Model 48-2412, (2) tank stainless steel CIP system. Equipped with (2) 38" OD x 48" High approx 230 gallon, single wall tanks. (1) for detergent, (1) for rinse and both have 18" ID top manways with flip up covers, bottoms have 3½" OD / 3"ID Tri-Clamp bottom discharges with 16" floor clearence, tube and shell heat exchanger, stainless steel piping with sanitary couplings flow and pressure control valves, (1) 7½ HP tri-clover centrifugal pump and (1) 1 HP Tri-Clover centrifugal pump. Control Panel has A/B PLC controller with A/B touch screen HMI. Mounted on stainless steel frame.

OAD: 134"L x 75"W x 84"H

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