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Multipond Scale Combination MP1401FFCFC

  • Manufacturer: Multipond
  • Model Number: MP1401FFCFC
  • Frain Number: 5F0641

Multipond Model MP1401FFCFC,14 head, stainless steel, rotary combination, single weigh scale system rated from 20 to 80 weighs per minute – depending on materials and application. Weight range: 50 to 1,600 grams with accuracies product dependent : +/- 0.5 grams. Volume range: 200cc per bucket (up to 2,800cc per single dump). Equipped with (14) 12-1/2" Long x 3" Wide x 3" Deep dimpled vibratory feed pans and stop gates, (14) 4-3/4" Long x 4" Wide x 7" Deep dimpled product weigh / discharge buckets, with 56" discharge height. Features CPU with touch pad controls. Mounted on stainless steel (4) leg frame.

OAD: 84" L x 80" W x 94" H

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Multipond Scale Combination UGS

  • Manufacturer: Multipond
  • Model Number: UGS
  • Frain Number: 5H0208

Multipond, Model UGS, 6 lane / 2 row distribution system. Rated from 100 to 300 weighing operations per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with a twin cone supply hopper (each side 46" diameter x 38" deep) with (2) drop buckets, (2) 1 to 6 compartment distribution heads and (12) total drop chutes in a 2 x 6 configuration.

OAD: 70"L x 70"W x 130"H

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