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Okura / Columbia Palletizer Robotic A1600

Okura Model A1600, single robotic, (4) axis, pick and place palletizer arm rated up to 1,600 bags or 1,100 cases per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with vertical multi-articulated, polar cordinate system. Maximum load capacity: 140 Kg. Operating range: R-axis (rotation) 320°, D-axix (up/down) 60.7", O-axis (forward / back) 92", T-axis (wrist) 440°. Maximum height: 2,474mm, with single case style clamp effector end. Remote control panel with A/B PLC controller and touch pad has main power and motor power on/off with start, stop, e-stop controls. Mounted on heavy duty (4) leg base frame.
with cage style safety guarding and roller in feed and discharge conveyor sections.

OAD: __" L x __" W x ___" H

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