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Sani-matic Systems Cleaner CIP/COP CIP

Sani-Matic, Model 3 tank, 316L stainless steel, CIP system. Equipped with (2) 420 gallon stainless steel single wall tanks, (1) for detergent and (1) for acid reuse and (1) 80 gallon stainless steel, single wall water rinse tank all have 16" ID top manways with flip up covers, with flat tops and slant bottoms and side bottom discharges and top return ports. Also has 15 Hp centrifugal pump and 8"ID x 72" long stainless steel tube and shell heat exchanger. System has 2-1/2" OD / 2" ID stainless steel piping with sanitary couplings, flow and pressure control valves and metering pumps. Remote Control Panel has A/B controller, with A/B touch pad controls and A/B powerflex adjustable frequency drive with touch pad controls, both have read out, and a Honeywell chart recorder with touch pad controls. Mounted on 192" long x 84" wide stainless steel base frame.

OAD: 192" L x 84" W x 125" H

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Sani-matic Systems Cleaner CIP/COP COP

Sani-matic, 180 gallon, 304 stainless steel, COP tank. Equipped with 124" long x 20" wide x 17" deep trough with 38" rim height, drains to (2) 2" side wall ports that are attached to reciculation system and has (1) bottom drain to T-fitting with butterfly valve to drain with 2½" OD / 2" ID tri-clamp connection. Equipped with Alfa Laval recirculating centrifugal pump with 2" ID inlet and 1½" outlet ports. Stainless steel 10 Hp motor drive with 2" ball valve for fresh water connection and 2" 3-way air actuated valve, 24" high detachable hang in place back splash, with 12" deep back tray and has (3) 27" high (4) hook pipe racks have 34" and 68" centers. Mounted on (6) leg stainless steel base frame.

OAD: 140" L x 36" W x 38" H

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