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Slidell Filler Powder Bulk 3120-1527

  • Manufacturer: Slidell
  • Model Number: 3120-1527
  • Frain Number: 5G9020

Thiele / Slidell Model 3120, Automatic, single spout net weigh, bag filling and sealing system rated from 4 to 20 bags per minute – depending on materials and application. Bag size range: 11" to 19" in Width 15" to 41.6" PBOM and 14" to 40.6" for SOM, Poly and Woven Poly bags in Length and capable of handling a variety of free-flowing products such as pet food, animal feed, molasses feeds, poly pellets and others. Equipped with empty bag magazine, (6) vacuum suction cup pic n place, bag opener, top feeder / weighing system (type filler per application) and in line poly bag sealer. Control panel has (2) A/B PLC controllers one for filler one for bagger with A/B panelview touchscreen controls and trim and dribble control dials. Mounted on heavy duty frame.

OAD: ___" L x ___" W x ___" H

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Slidell Palletizer Bag Palletizer SDP2010

  • Manufacturer: Slidell
  • Model Number: SDP2010
  • Frain Number: 5G5460

Slidel, Model SDP 2010, automatic, bag palletizer rated from 5 to 20 bags per minute – depending on materials and application. Pallet size range: 36" x 36" to 48" x 60" with maximum load height of 74" including pallet and maximum pallet weight of 4000 lbs. Capable of handeling most type of bags, up to 100 lbs; made of paper, plastic, or poly woven materials. Equipped with empty pallet and slip sheet dispensers, 204" long x 48" wide plastic mesh in feed bag accumulating conveyor, with 48" long x 20" wide pacing conveyor, to 150" long x 20" wide inclined bag flating conveyor, to top bag pacing and push up orientation conveyors with accumulation and layer squaring system, bag pusher bar and pallet load stacker. Control panel has A/B controller with touch pad controls and panel view. 60" long x 48" wide steel mesh and 108" long x 48" wide roller, full pallet discharge conveyors.

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