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Stainless Specialist Conveyor Belt 34.5W X 78L

Stainless steel, 34.5" wide x 78" long, stainless mesh belt conveyor. Equipped with a 1 hp drive and start/stop controls. Mounted on a stainless steel frame with a 42" wide x 56" long drip tray and casters. Currently set at a 44" high infeed / discharge.

OAD: 78" L x 52" W x 45" H

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Stainless Specialist Conveyor Table Top 6W X 144L

Stainless Steel, 6" wide x 138" long, delrin table top conveyor. Equipped with a 35" infeed/discharge height. Powered by a ½ Hp 90v DC drive.

OAD: 144"L x 18"W x 41"H

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Stainless Specialist Feeder Incline/Cleated 29¾"W X 230"L

Stainless Specialists, 29¾" wide x 230" long, inclined cleated conveyor. Equipped with a 20" infeed height, 29¾" wide white plastic conveyor belt with 3" high x 26" wide cleats set on 4" centers. Conveyor has a 230" long incline and a 125" discharge height. Mounted on a (6) leg stainless steel base frame.

OAD: 235"L x 45"W x 125"H

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