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Stock America Inc Canning Retort Baskets SURDRY

Stock America Inc, Model Surdry, SL – AR175-W2, (5) basket, horizontal, partial emersable, rotary batch, steam sterilization, water cooling retort with number of product and baskets per hour – depending on materials and application. All stainless steel interior and exterior construction. Equipped with (1,700mm) 68" OD hydraulically operated, vertical access door and has rotary chamber dimmensions of 68" (5.6 feet) ID x 276" (23 feet) in Length with insulated shell and mirror polished stainless steel cladding driven by 45 Hp motor drive with MAWP of 71psi @ 302 Deg F and temperature distribution of (+ / – 1°F) with an accurate pressure control of (+ / – 1 psig) and agitating speeds of 2 to 8 rpm (but 5 rpm maximum is suggested) or you will not get to all the product and it also prevents burn and provides a uniform processes. Has static rotation, oscillation agitation modes and is partial emersable with steam for heating and water spray nozzles for circulation and cooling. With forced convection is obtained by the rotary operation and accelerating of heat transfer to the coldest spots of the product containers, even with products of varying viscosity and has (5) top, (2) side and (6) bottom flanged ports. Control panel has door open, door close, manual, auto and rocking jog switches, e-stop with statis light. Mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frame.
Ideal for applications such as soup, sauces, vacuum canned corn, milk drinks, natural tuna, sausages, mushrooms in oil, large canned vegetables and more.
National Board Number 44.

OAD: 332" L x 84" W x 80" H

Total Weight: Empty 9,921 Pounds
Total Weight: with Baskets 18,739 Pounds
Total Weight: in Operation with water & product 20,282 Pounds

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