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United McGill Dryer Shelf/Vacum 6D8

United McGill Model 6D8, batch, vacuum shelf dryer, has 92.6 square feet of shelf area with number of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. 304 stainless steel contact parts and carbon steel external parts. Chamber dimensions of: 40-1/2" in Width; 49" in Depth; 35" in Height and has (9) stainless steel internally heated 39-1/4" wide x 42-1/2" long product shelves with 2-1/2" gaps and swing open, bolt down access door with (2) 6" OD sight ports. Liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum gauge and vacuum release valve with a water system that will maintain tray temperatures at any desired setpoint between the temperature of the cold water supply and 100 Deg C. Capable of absolute pressure down to 0.23 psi and 0.47" Hg this is equivalent of 29.45" Hg vacuum depending on barometric pressure. Control panel has vacuum and circulation pump start / stop push buttons and temperature and vacuum touch pad controls with digital display. Mounted on 96" long x 60" wide forkable steel platform.

OAD: 104" L x 64" W x 72" H

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