That New Machine Smell

Frain buys and resells new and used equipment.  Why would we buy new and used equipment?

Many times, our team is able to refurbish used equipment and make it work for you just as well as new.

But most times we’re adding new parts and entirely new machines, conveyors, etc. to the mix of complete lines or machines we sell, not to mention the manpower in configuring it to run our customers specific application.

Running packaging equipment is not as easy as driving away with a new car or even boat for that matter.

And, unlike cars – you don’t need that new car smell although we provide the equivalent in the packaging and processing equipment space.

Whether we buy used or new, we put work into the machinery.

Someone might say that they can find the equipment at a better price – we absolutely agree!

You can find new and used equipment at a better price. The used equipment that’s cheaper is predominantly not in the same condition that Frain’s is in as certified pre-owned.

And, most likely it is not setup to run your application.

So, from the start, aside from our new equipment – our used inventory is like new, fully reconditioned and addressed electronically, pneumatically, electronically, and cosmetically.

Then, regardless of whether you’re selecting from our new or used inventory – we fully calibrate the machinery or complete line to your specifications.

A quick look at some of the following videos and you’ll see what makes us different:

  • Cartoner Machine Video
  • Chuck Capper Machine Video
  • Stretch Wrapper Machine Video

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