Our Engineers Work for You

You wouldn’t knowingly sign off on a cheap machine that doesn’t work or meet your needs, but we hear it happen time and time again.

Many times, we get a 911-like call from a customer who is now even further into the project timeline and realizes that they’ve lost time, opportunity loss and money to bad machinery.

Recently, we came across a start-up company looking to fill 15-20 containers per minute.  They were sold a mono-block automatic filler by a broker, which they did not end up using as it was more machine than they could actually use at this particular stage.

Now, this startup who was learning the hard way contacted Frain to ask if we were interested in purchasing it from them, while also renting a semi-automatic filler to better meet their needs.

Companies of all sizes find value in the rental equipment we provide quickly, but ultimately appreciate the engineering expertise we lend to them free of charge to validate their equipment needs first and foremost.

We get customers who are ecstatic to hear that we can borrow them machinery under rental terms that will work for them, cost them minimal monthly payments and allow them to return as needed.

We appreciate the fact that are many options in the market.  You can and will go anywhere you please and feel comfortable.

But, before you do, we ask that you consider a unique value we provide in validating your equipment needs with experience engineers.

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