Market Conditions Justify “Borrowing” Machinery

FRANKLIN PARK, IL – September 7, 2004

According to a recent survey conducted by Food Engineering Magazine, “One in four plants (24.6 percent) are committing less than 5 percent of their capital budgets to packaging machinery, the largest proportion to report such modest spending plans in recent years.”

A growing number of manufacturing companies have the desire to introduce new products in the marketplace, but lack the capital-spending budget needed to implement the opportunity. With the market trends continuing to head in this direction a solution to this challenge is essential. Frain Industries provides this solution.

Frain Industries is a packaging and processing machinery dealer that provides the largest selection of quality used machinery to the packaging world. The company has grown from a small garage full of machines to a 1,000,000 sq ft warehouse that houses over 5,700 machines ready to ship. Some of Frain Industries most recent successes can be attributed to the change in the marketplace trends. As more companies limit packaging machinery budgets, Frain Industries provides their customers with an exceptional alternative: “borrowing” high quality used machinery. Companies can borrow machinery for new product introductions, seasonal or cyclical spikes in demand or other short term needs.

Recently, several large food-manufacturing companies have used Frain Industries’ resources to achieve these project objectives. Frain provided these companies with many short-term rentals to get the job done. Frain assists in identifying the exact piece of equipment from its inventory database of 30,000 high quality machines, prepares the equipment for production and guarantees satisfactory application with an unconditional

two week right of return. The customer gets the right machine in less than half the time it would take for new equipment to arrive, and at a monthly rate that eliminates the need for debilitating capital expenditure outlays.

As the trend in capital budget spending continues to lessen, the need for creative solutions increases. Frain Industries has recently purchased a 1,000,000 sq ft building to continue to increase inventory and allow for its current five buildings now be housed under one roof.

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Frain Industries is the world leader in high quality used packaging and processing machinery with over 6,500 machines in stock and available for two day shipping. Frain strives to continuously expand its inventory while providing outstanding customer service to consumers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Frain rents, sells or leases all types of packaging machinery and has the ability to set up any machine for the customers specific need, all with a two week right of return guarantee.

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