Bar Processing, Sheeting and Baking Line


Line Drawing

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Line Description

DFE / KAAK, complete cookie / bar processing, sheeting and baking line with volumes, speeds and bake times per hour – specific to type and size of product being run. Line consists of Vurslag 3700 lb. dual sigma blade mixer, APV Baker (3) roll rotary dough moulder with pre feeder, dough sheeter and 72″ long dough slitter, metal detector, DFE (6) zone, 44 meter long x 1.8 meter wide, direct gas fired baking oven with metal band belt, with (6) top mounted heat zone controllers, to guillotine cutter, carmel depositor, Sollich 10 meter cooling tunnel, Sollich continuous flow top and bottom enrober with 84″ long x 72″ wide stainless steel mesh conveyor belt, Sollich 40 meter long x 1.8 meter wide thermoflow air cooling tunnel has neoprene belt with liquid air heat exchanger.