Complete Hard Candy Depositing Line

New System, Never Used

Line Description

Hard candy kitchen and depositing line capable of 50 to 405 kg/hour with an output of 500 to 2600 pieces/minute depending on size and applicaiton. Cooking kitchen consists of express dissolver with 300 liter stainless steel mixing vessel a 450 liter stainless steel kettle with 3 blade prop style agitation. APV Baker microfilm and APV Baker turbofilm cooking systems each with 2 zone plate and frame heat exchangers lobe transfer pumps, vacuum system and control panel. Bran Luebbe color/flavoring additive mixing, metering and feeding system.

Depositing line consists of APV Baker model 250 split hopper, double row depositor with with dual split product hoppers (20) stainless steel pistons each side total of 40 per hopper capable of 10 to 65 strokes/minute at 40 pieces per stroke. APV Baker ambient cooling tunnel measuring 20’L x 48″W with control panel with A/B PLC.

Line Drawing

line Drawing