Shiploads of Money

Often times brand companies, co-packers, and co-manufacturers will call us with an extreme sense of urgency.  You can hear it in their voice, especially when we ask when they need the machinery.

Time is of the essence.  Often times they need it yesterday.  Every minute without this particular machine is costing them extreme losses in production and revenue.

We take it as a compliment that many companies know to call Frain in these situations.

Experience, inventory, quality and reliability have put us in a 911 position for companies needing machines and complete lines customized to run their application NOW.

We’ve built a business around delivering services and equipment for those most in need.

But, that’s not to say that we don’t see our fair share of start-up companies.

Many startups, because of their success cannot keep up with demand.  It’s a good problem to have and a pain point we can heal quickly.

With uncertain demand futures, we offer rental terms for the bulk of our vast inventory.

Whether you are at risk of losing or gaining shiploads of money without the right machinery, we’re glad to consult with you and discuss the options we can provide for your business…  and fast.

Call Frain today to discuss your next project.

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