Speed to Market is the Number One Concern of CEOs in 2019

Feb 27, 2019

CEOs were asked to share their biggest concerns for 2019 in a recent survey of 15 CPG categories.  A very common response emerged:

  • 75% said speeding up product launches is critical.
  • 72% anticipate increased product launches.

The fact that the response to both of these concerns is nearly identical highlights the need for new innovative ways to speed up product launches.

  • Can packaging equipment suppliers be brought into the launch process sooner?
  • Can packaging equipment suppliers inventory common equipment that can be set to the final size quickly?
  • Are there flexible financing plans that allow the cost of equipment to be amortized from the new revenue generated from the product launch?
  • Can equipment changes be made to adjust to actual consumer demand?
  • Can the risk of a new product failure be managed and mitigated?

Accelerating the time to market could increase revenue faster, increase market share and enhance brand image.

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