Training Goals

You may have heard of the quote, “train insane or remain the same.”

This can be applied to virtually everything, especially equipment.

Buying machinery, new or used, is the easy part. Getting it going and training the right people is the challenge.

From the start, Frain connects customers to knowledgeable engineers, skilled technicians, and our Field Service team to customize each machine or complete packaging line to the exact product specifications.

Each machine goes through a reality-check, hand-off call before each customer is invited to Frain for factory acceptance testing.

Finally, we offer start-up and training services, including service support, training recommendations, debugging, equipment manual(s), and spare parts list.

Unlike many companies, we offer machine installation and on-site training to ensure all operators are prepared as needed.

If you’re considering equipment or machinery and not sure where to start, remember that without proper training your operators and overall efficiency remains the same: idle.

Learn how Frain can transform your equipment buying experience.

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