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Multi Tube Connectors with John Henry

During equipment changeovers there are usually pneumatic, vacuum, sensor electrical and other connections to be made up. In too many cases, these connections require tools rather than quick connections. Some plants do not permit operators to use tools forcing a mechanic to be used. Where quick connectors are used, they often, especially for tubing and piping, need to be made up one by one.

This is time consuming and introduces the possibility of error. Error will cause loss of time correcting it but more importantly, it can cause damage to a machine if an air cylinder goes in when it is supposed to go out.
There are several alternatives available. Cole-Parmer offers their Twin-Tube and Ten-Tube connector to allow quick connection of two tubes or up to ten tubes. Both are quick connectors with a button to unlock.

For larger or more diverse needs there are systems from companies like Staubli that connect multiple hoses up to an inch or so and contain electrical connectors in the same connection.
One application is in the Krones labeler dock. These labelers use umbilicals with all electrical, sensor and pneumatic services in a single plug .The labeling head is unplugged and wheeled away for cleaning and changeover. A previously set up head is wheeled up to the machine, latched in place and the umbilical connected.

Wherever fittings need to be made up, use quick connectors. When appropriate, use multi-connectors. You’ll save time and mistakes.

NOTE: In some cases there may be safety reasons for not using quick connectors. Safety must never be slighted.

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