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Quick Setting Filler Nozzles with John Henry

Quick setting nozzle rack

Setting nozzle spacing on a liquid filler is not hard but it can be time consuming. An idea I originally saw on a Douglas case packer gave me the idea to design a better nozzle rack for a client having some troubles.

The nozzles are mounted on plastic blocks that slide on a pair of rods. Each mounting block has a fork affixed. On the same mounting bracket, in front of the nozzles an aluminum strut is mounted. Both Douglas and my design use 3″ square 80/20 extruded aluminum. The strut is prevented from rotating by a locking pin. On each face of the strut a ferrule, the same size as the nozzle forks is mounted so that the top ferrule aligns with the fork. This locates and holds the nozzle in place.

If more than 4 nozzle positions are required, hexagonal or octagonal strut may be used or it may be possible to mount multiple sets of ferrules on the same face.

To change from one nozzle spacing to another:

1) Release the locking pin (On the left in the sketch)
2) Rotate the strut about 45 degrees to allow movement of the nozzles
3) Position the nozzles approximately
4) Rotate the strut until the ferrules engage the nozzle forks
5) Engage the locking pin to lock the strut in place.

Simple, elegant and foolproof

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