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CPG Cashflow Tip: Renting Your Packaging and Processing Machinery Can Help You Win

This is the story of two CFOs, Joe and Bob. Both had great new products requiring a new packaging line and a capital request of 300,000 dollars. Bob commited his funds to new equipment right away, but Joe’s last project failed and the new equipment purchased was now sitting idle. So, Joe decided to go a different route and called Frain.

Frain knows that cashflow is king and that most of our customers want to keep their options open before they commit to a machinery purchase. From the time you place your order for a brand new machine, it can be anywhere from 2-12 months before the equipment is working in your facility. And it still takes 2-3 months after that to really know if your product will last on the market.

Joe found out that Frain’s pay as you go program gives you lots of options. As the market evolves, he can return the equipment, lease the equipment, buy different equipment, convert equipment to purchase, or return the equipment with no penalty.

Bob found out that his money didn’t go as far as planned.

To put it simply, Frain’s industry-leading pay as you go program gives you the best shot at being a winner in your marketplace.

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