Regional Supercenter is Given the Opportunity to Promptly Introduce a Package Redesign

Problem: Package Redesign Production Delay
Solution: In-House Line with Speed to Market

Frain Integration approached a regional supercenter to offer the opportunity of bringing a traditional yet popular product in-house within their preferred time frame.

For years, this superstore often arranged for contract packagers to package simple to complex products in lieu of lack of space, equipment, or man power. Except for this product, the company decided to take back their packaging production from the co-packer due to their response in quality and cost, but most importantly the value of getting the product out on time.

Previously, the product had been presented in a brown durable pouch. By packaging the same product in a traditional plastic container, they were able to make the product more appealing and reduce shelf space to compete within their market.

Frain integrated the complete packaging line using only the best machines for the job within 3 months to meet their production goals. The same line would have taken the co-packer almost double the time to get the product out, pushing the customer to an undesired post-holiday production.

This package redesign equipment line included:

Frain Integration aimed at giving the client a seamless package transition at the shortest time possible and it succeeded by setting, testing, and installing the complete line to their specific product size.

The regional supercenter needed their product out on shelves by a specific date and knew that any delay meant less revenue for this package redesign. Frain tended to the customer’s interest of refreshing a customer favorite with a traditional package by rapidly engineering and integrating the equipment line.

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