Snack Brand Rents Industrial Mixer to Help the Brand Keep Up with Growth

When Zack and Nick co-founded Quevos in 2018, their idea was to offer a healthy, lowcarb snack. Initial success caused Quevos to need a more powerful industrial mixer.

But they weren’t sure the mixer they had in mind would work for their product. So, they rented it from Frain instead of buying, quickly gained valuable experience, and expanded their business.

For companies where renting might be an attractive option, Nick’s advice is:

“Check it out. It can be a really great option. It’s almost as affordable as going to a test lab. But this way, if it works, it’s already on your floor and you can just get up and running right away. It’s a really, really nice, flexible model.”

The Challenge

Since the company’s inception, all food processing for Quevos products was done inhouse in a commercial kitchen space on the south side of Chicago. Quevos has now grown into 30,000 square feet of space.

After significant success and growth, in the fall of 2021, Nick was looking for new mixing equipment. Until then, mixing had been done manually in small batches. But Quevos needed to move to a more powerful, more industrial mixer in order to produce at larger quantities.

Nick believed that the Breddo Mixer Liquid Liquefier would work well—but he wasn’t completely sure. Would it deliver the same product quality? What volume would it produce? Would it be easy to use? What Nick really wanted was to test the equipment but being able to test industrial equipment is rare.

The Quevos team likes their product a little bit more from mixing with this machine.

It has allowed Quevos to be more efficient and to mix much larger batches. As a result, Quevos has continued to rent this machine from Frain and plans to continue doing so.

The Solution

This is when Frain Industries came into the picture. Nick had known about Frain through word of mouth and was aware that Frain had a strong reputation in the industry .

Nick also knew about and really liked Frain’s business model, which he described as follows:

“They have a huge inventory of different food equipment and they are able to flexibly lease this equipment to you at relatively low cost for a three-month minimum. And, they get the equipment to you really quick.”

He said that Frain’s model worked perfectly for Quevos. Frain had the Breddo Mixer in stock. Quevos was able to rent it, have Frain bring it in, and test it out. If it didn’t work,
Quevos could return the mixer; if it did work, Quevos could continue to rent it, or take advantage of Frain’s lease-to-buy option.

It turns out, “It’s been amazing,” Nick said. “It ended up enhancing the product quality.”  

Benefits of Working with Frain

Nick summarized the benefits that Quevos has experienced in working with Frain:

  • Flexible model. Frain’s model gives a company the flexibility to rent and test a piece of equipment and have confidence it is the right equipment before making a significant investment.
  • Speed. At a time when getting some equipment can take waiting for months, Frain provides equipment in just days or weeks.
  • Selection. While in this situation Quevos needed one specific mixer, it is great to know the broad selection of equipment that Frain has available. Quevos may take advantage of this in the future as other needs arise.
  • Expertise. Frain knows their stuff. They are able to answer questions about the right type of equipment for each customer’s specific need and can provide training, service, and support. Nick described Frain as “approachable” and easy to work with.
  • Economical. For an entrepreneurial company like Quevos, Frain’s rental model is inexpensive and works well. The rental concept also works well for companies that want to test a new idea and quickly and inexpensively get to market.

Also, while Quevos is located in the Chicago area, not far from Frain, a definite benefit is
Frain’s national reach. Frain is able to provide the same speed and service across the entire country. The map below shows sites that are current renting equipment from Frain.

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