Rapid Resolution: How Frain’s Quick Response Saved FranklyPet.com $50,000

The Challenge

A sudden requirement for a metal detector halted the production line at FranklyPet.com. Every passing hour meant dollars down the drain, with a looming delay of $40,000 to $50,000 in monthly billings.

FranklyPet.com makes collagen-based dog treats that serve as a healthier alternative to rawhide. COO Chad Wagner leads production, and it’s his job to keep the line running.

The Solution

Already in talks with Frain for a different machinery need, Chad didn’t hesitate to get on the phone with Alaina Thomsen who, to make a long story short, made a metal detector available the next day.

Proximity & Inventory

What are the chances Frain would have a metal detector available and in stock? Not only did they have it in stock, but they were able to make it available for pickup the next day. Chad was able to drive a truck down, get it loaded up, and drive home, getting it installed for the second shift.

Customer Service

What stood out to Chad was the speed. Not just of the machine, but the speed of the Frain team. It didn’t take Alaina long to get him on the phone with an engineer. No waiting, no transfers. Just a direct connection to an engineer who could answer his technical questions, ask the right questions, and arrange for the machine to be ready for pickup.

Even post-installation in Milwaukee, Frain’s engineers ensured zero unnecessary downtime by maintaining phone contact, even at 6:45 in the morning.

Flexible Options

You might not be thinking of flexibility of pricing as a contributor to speed, but according to Chad, it makes a difference.

Frain’s low-cost, temporary solution presented a way around a hefty capital expense decision, which could have stalled for weeks. A smaller, month-to-month rental agreement for the metal detector replaced a full capital purchase.


Frain’s competitive pricing, even with flexible rental and leasing options, left Chad pleasantly surprised. This pricing eased the decision-making for the finance team, fast-tracking the line operation restoration.

“If we had to make a big, unplanned capital expenditure by buying a machine, that decision could have taken a month, further slowing us down. Frain let us rent the machine on a monthly basis, which made the decision easy and got our line running again.”

Chad Wagner

COO, Franklypet.com


Whether your finance team sits next door or across oceans, product movement delay equals money loss. Frain’s blend of vast inventory, stellar customer service, and flexible options propelled the production line back into action, saving FranklyPet.com a hefty sum in potential delayed shipments.

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