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How You Can Meet Demand for Scarce Consumer Product with Frain

Covid 19 has caused thousands of deaths and sent our economy into a tail spin. Frain was able to help our customers meet the demand for scarce consumer products in these unprecedented times.

In the past 6 months months, Frain has shipped complete filling lines for hand sanitizers, soaps, paper products and medical supplies. Because no one knew how long this increase in production capacity would be needed, all of these customers chose to borrow the machinery from Frain’s inventory; set to their specifications and ready to go into production.

Frain’s flexible financing program allowed these companies to react quickly to the crisis and keep their customer’s shelves stocked without any increase in capital spending.

Frain is proud to have done our part in these trying times. When you need to get your product to market fast and for the least amount of money, call Frain.

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