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Speed to Market and Flex Financing Helps Customer with Big Box Chain Order

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A customer just received an order from a big box chain that would require a large carton. They needed to be in production in sixty days but did not have a cartoner that could run the large size carton.

They did not have the budget or time to order a new machine nor did they have the time or manpower available to refurbish and set up a used machine purchased from a dealer or auction.

After receiving the customer’s samples, Frain was able to set up one of our new or nearly new cartoners, conduct the factory acceptance test and ship it to the customer in six weeks.

Not knowing how strong reorders will be, the customer elected to use Frain’s “pay as you go” program that allowed them to pay a small monthly fee while using the cartoner. They then had the option of returning the machine, trading it for a different machine or keeping it.

If you are short on time and cash, talk to one of Frain’s experienced engineers and see how we can speed your next project into production.

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